Clash transforms concepts and moments into fragrances.

Our creative process begins within the minds of our guest perfumers with senses and notes that are true to their aesthetics. These can be triggered by any kind of inspirations. A memory, a story, a feeling or more abstract notions such as an art form, a color or a texture.

After ideas and concepts are put together, they’re worked into tangible concepts developing real scents and olfactory notes with the best natural and synthetic ingredients, some of them from the most remote places in the world, grown and harvested under rigorous quality guidelines always preserving their finest essences.

Our fragrances originate in patented specialty ingredients that were first developed by our guest perfumers in a fragrance research centers, covering the entire olfactive range: citrus, floral, fougère, chypre, woody, and oriental. They continually strive to unearth new materials to result in impactful fragrances.

At Clash Fragrances, the finest ingredients, worked by the most skilled perfumers, create stories through each and every perfume.