The wind hits your face and you’ve never felt freer. Everything can get dirty, except your prized leather jacket. Gas that bike fueled with this earthy fragrance and don’t stop until you’ve reached the peak. Being rebellious doesn’t come with instructions, but you would ignore them anyway.

Citrus , Floral, Musky


These secluded green fields are the perfect hideaway to meet your sweetheart. Pick a dashing flower from the lively garden and let its raindrop covered petals ooze close to your hearth. Daydream while you’re waiting, he’s only minutes away.

Floral, Fruity, Green


The porch window is wide open and the quiet wave of the curtains is the only thing between you and the rain drops. The storm’s pulse carries the scent of the nearby jasmine fields right to your bedside and you can breathe it in like you were lying on top of them. Relax your senses with this sensual touch of heavenly felicity.


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Under the large shady tree by the lake there is not a sound to be heard. Just you and your silent thoughts. During the day this fruit-scented shade of an old fig tree will keep your senses soothed as you wait for the sound of the crickets in the bright starry night to embrace you.

Fig tree scent

In Love

Between the sheets of an unmade bed, in the place where lovers meet, intoxicating fragrances escort passionate hearts. Pulsating fragrances for romantic souls.


In a city where rebellion exudes from the streets in every dawn, a vibrant and iconoclastic collection is born. Presenting itself as a deliberate provocation. A riot of unexpected and bold fragrances for the urban anti-hero.


Trying to be different is no good. You are different. Why try? You have your own aspirations, your own desires, your own wills. Public or private. Stand out. Whatever makes you weird or different, that’s your strength.

Why be trapped in the same corset as everybody else? Act different, be different, smell different. Be many persons. There’s so many yous you have yet to find out. One for the morning, another in the evening. In a suit during the week, in a biker jacket the whole weekend.

Every time you inhale you smell life. Every time you exhale you exhale life. Exhale your own, others appreciate it.

Make your own rules. CLASH.


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