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Under the large shady tree by the lake there is not a sound to be heard. Just you and your silent thoughts. During the day this fruit-scented shade of an old fig tree will keep your senses soothed as you wait for the sound of the crickets in the bright starry night to embrace you.

Fig tree scent


An explosion of perky scents just like bubblegum bursting on a girl’s lips on a sunny afternoon. A young and juicy collection that borderlines the sweet innocence and the awakening of feminine sensuality.


In a city where rebellion exudes from the streets in every dawn, a vibrant and iconoclastic collection is born. Presenting itself as a deliberate provocation. A riot of unexpected and bold fragrances for the urban anti-hero.


Trying to be different is no good. You are different. Why try? You have your own aspirations, your own desires, your own wills. Public or private. Stand out. Whatever makes you weird or different, that’s your strength.

Why be trapped in the same corset as everybody else? Act different, be different, smell different. Be many persons. There’s so many yous you have yet to find out. One for the morning, another in the evening. In a suit during the week, in a biker jacket the whole weekend.

Every time you inhale you smell life. Every time you exhale you exhale life. Exhale your own, others appreciate it.

Make your own rules. CLASH.

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